Friday, September 19, 2008

Mao Dun Literature Prize

Mao Dun Literature Prize is a prize for novels sponsored by Chinese Writers Association. It is one of most honorable literature prizes in China. It was first awarded in 1982.


The prize was created by the will of Mao Dun, a prominent Chinese writer in 20's century. The purpose was to encourage novel writings. Mao Dun personally donated 250,000 yuan RMB.

Selection rule

According to selection rule, any works, authored by Chinese nationals, published in mainland China, and with over 130,000 characters are all eligible.

The selection committee in Chinese Writers Association holds voting twice, and the winner must receive over 2/3 votes. The process is highly selective, and every time the number of winners is between 3 to 5. The prize was initially awarded once every three years. Later, it changed to once every four years.

Past winners and their works

* First time, 1982
** Wei Wei ''"Orient"''
** Zhou Keqin ''"Xu Mao and His Daughters"''
** Yao Xueyin ''"Li Zicheng"''
** Mo Yingfeng ''"General's Chant"''
** Li Guowen ''"Spring in Winter"''
** Gu Hua ''"Lotus Town"''

* Second time, 1985
** ''"Leaden Wings"''
** Liu Xinwu ''"Bell and Drum Tower"''
** Li Zhun ''"Yellow River Flowing to East"''

* Third time, 1988
** Lu Yao ''"Ordinary World"''
** Ling Li ''"Young Emperor"''
** Sun Li, Yu Xiaohui ''"Rhapsody of Metropolis"''
** Liu Baiyu ''"The Second Sun"''
** Huo Da ''"The Funeral of Muslim"''
** Honorable Prize
*** Xiao Ke ''"Bloody Heaven"''
*** Xu Xingya ''"Broken Golden Bowl"''

* Fourth time, 1998
** Chen Zhongshi ''"White Deer Field"''
** Wang Huo ''"War and People"''
** Liu Sifen ''"White Gate Willow"''
** Liu Yumin ''"Unsettled Autumn"''

* Fifth time, 2000
** ''"After the Dust Settled"''
** Wang Anyi ''"The Everlasting Regret"''
** Zhang Ping ''"Decision"''
** Wang Xufeng ''"Three Episodes of Tea-man"''

* Sixth time, April 11, 2005
** Xiong Zhaozheng ''"Zhang Juzheng"''
** ''"Wordless"''
** Xu Guixiang ''"Heaven of History"''
** Liu Jianwei ''"Heroic Time"''
** Zong Pu ''"Lead-in of Wild Gourd"''

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